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Get Started

Create Project

Create Project is where you will begin the setup. You can upload a CSV or connect a database then start asking right away. Data sources you connect will still be available later on, but CSVs will be tied to the current project.

Connect CSV:

Click on Select a Data Source and select CSV from the dropdown. Then, drag and drop your CSV or click Browse Files and select one to upload.

Connect Database:

For databases, simply select the one you want to connect and fill in the required fields.
Don't forget to whitelist our IP address ( if your database has a firewall! You may need to ask a data engineer to help with this step.
For more details on database connections, see the Connect Database page.

Start Asking

Once you've connected your data source, you will get a preview table of the first ten rows of your data as well as a few suggested starting questions (CSV only).
Now you can ask questions and watch AskEdith translate them directly to SQL and bring you the answers. For some help on structuring your questions, check out the Question Tips page.
Once you've tried asking some questions, try saving a project to save your data source along with some important questions.
Last modified 2mo ago